Professional Skylight Installation

Bring Daylight & Fresh Air Into Your Home!

Skylights bring natural light into your home, making colors truer and spaces brighter. The balanced, natural daylight from skylights fills every corner of the room, illuminating the whole space with gentle, comfortable light.

Replace your old leaky skylights with new, watertight, energy efficient skylights from Watertite Co. Inc.

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Why Install Skylights in Your Home?

Skylights Save Energy
The natural light from skylights lessens the need to daytime lighting, saving on electrical costs. Skylights that open help reduce the need for air conditioning. Through what is called the “chimney effect”, open skylights allow hot air to escape, while cool, fresh air is drawn through your home’s open windows. This effect can lessen the need for air conditioning, saving on energy, and decreasing cooling bills.
Privacy Without Sacrificing Natural Light
Skylights bring in natural daylight without sacrificing your privacy, making them perfect for any room where you frequently draw the shades. Bathrooms & bedrooms are perfect places to add skylights.
Brighten Interior Rooms
Skylights bring light to interior rooms that lack windows or need wall space for cabinets.  Kitchens and laundry rooms benefit from skylights for both lighting and ventilation. By providing natural light and fresh air from above, the space once needed for a window can be used for additional storage, such as cabinets or shelving.
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5 Star VELUX skylight installer - Watertite Co., Inc. Eastern Massachusetts, New Skylights

Watertite Co. is an authorized VELUX® Installer. We install VELUX® skylights because we believe in using only quality products from the best skylight manufacturer.


Replace your old leaky skylights with new, energy-efficient skylights and let the natural light back in. Today’s skylights are constructed with dual pane clear glass and are LoE3 coated, which reduces ultraviolet (UV) light & radiation.

Fixed & Fresh Air Skylights

We install both fixed, as well as “Fresh Air” skylights. Both offer the benefit of natural light, but “Fresh Air” skylights provide the added benefit of improved air circulation. Heat rises naturally. By opening your skylights, you are able to let hot air escape and allow the open windows on lower floors to draw cool air in.

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels bring light to dark spaces naturally. Virtually eliminate the need for the light switch with a sun tunnel. Perfect for hallways, bathrooms, and any other interior room needing a little extra light.

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